Puppet fun.


  • Wooden Pick up sticks.
  • Brightly coloured animal Yo Yo.
  • Wooden picture frame.
  • Story Book.
  • Wooden spoons, puppet making kit.
  • See detailed discription BELOW….
  • Wooden star door hanger. (Can be personalised)

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  • Wooden ‘Pick up Sticks’ game, this game is a traditional favourite, with simple rules so it’s easy to grasp quickly, and is a great fun way to help learn colours and counting.
  • Wooden animal spoons, this kit comes with spoons and googly eyes, felt and glue along with an easy to follow booklet to help you create wonderful animal puppets, then the possiblities are endless….puppet shows, jungle games…let your preschoolers imagination free.
  • Story book, perfect for enjoying some quality time, enjoy this classic book again and again, and help your child to develop a love of reading.
  • Wooden picture frame, this brightly painted apple shaped picture frame has no glass in it so it is safe for little hands, insert a family photo or a picture that your little one has drawn to hang on the wall.
  • Brightly coloured animal Yo Yo, have fun learning and teaching this old favourite, a bit more complicated than the pick up sticks game but everyone loves a challenge.