‘Clowning Around’


  • Bowling Clowns Skittles Game.
  • Wooden Spinning top.
  • Story book.
  • Wooden picture frame.
  • Spiral bound scribble pad.
  • Character pencil.
  • Wooden Star wall hanger. (Can be personalised)
  • Your own special gift message added to the gift tag.
  • See detailed description BELOW….

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  • Hand painted, wooden clowns, with felt trim collars. Colourful clown themed bowling set with two bright yellow balls and six happy clown skittles. Each skittle is painted in bright and vibrant colours, with a dual colour felt collar to complete the wacky look.
  • Wooden spinning top: classically designed wooden spinning top with an extended central column for simple spinning. Comes with five cardboard discs that fit over the top and feature a range of designs, each one making a different pattern as the top spins.
  • Story book, enjoy a classic story with an adult, read again and again this lovely story and enjoy some snuggle time together.
  • Wooden Picture Frame, your special photo or picture will look lovely in this cute apple shaped picture frame, there is no glass in the frame so it is safe to use for little hands.
  • Wooden spiral bound note book, to scribble in, draw pictures or even learn to write…
  • Character pencil, cute pencil with animal head on the top, fun to suit all ages.